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What is a RPO? and benefits of outsourcing and Vendor selection process

Name itself has meaning attached to it, to keep this simple this is basically outsourcing, Outsourcing is where a company hires a third-party company/firm/vendor to perform tasks (pertaining to recruitments this can be sourcing, or end to end recruitments) or to handle operations or provide services for the company or in more simpler words Outsourcing is the task of assigning your particular work activities to some third party for a particular time period at specific costs.

Third-party company/firm/vendor – selection process

Vendor selection process shouldn’t be taken lightly. It takes time to research, test and select the right partner. Management needs to allocate their time for both choosing the contractor and making sure that their work is meeting set targets. this may take some time and energy but will definitely save your energy and money in the long run.

Point is when it comes to job or may be buying property, or choosing a service isn’t it true that we should investigate, enquire or prepare the list of parameters based on which we want to evaluate? this may take some time and energy but will definitely save your energy and money in the long run.

Suggested methods:

1.Take a trail run.

2.See if you do not feel obligated in any case.

3.Check how responsive the firm is.

4.Check for flexibility.

Advantages of outsourcing:

1) Flexibility in hiring and reduced hiring cost.

One of the many benefits of the RPO Services is the flexibility. This come in handy when you need recruitment/sourcing services on assignment basis, or if you need seasonal or temporary recruiting assistance you can bring in extra staff, outsourcing makes this easier and you are able to hire an additional resource as and when you need it and release them when they are no longer required.

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is lower labor and operations costs, as well as a reduced overhead expenses.

2) Next to Nil – computer system and infrastructure cost.

Outsourcing removes the need for infrastructure investment for the client as it completely becomes firms responsibility to set up necessary system and develop infrastructure for the same.

3) Increased efficiency and expertise.

RPO Acts like extension/outsourcing partner right outsourcing vendor/partner can bring in specialized knowledge and experience, which in consequence leads to increase in productivity and efficiency of your business.


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