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Candidate Sourcing 

We have been providing resume sourcing services to our clients. This primarily involves sourcing of active and passive qualified candidates on multiple job boards, social media, search engines, online communities and groups. Our CV Sourcing experts are experienced recruiters and are capable of selecting a right fit as per the job specification and the very right active candidate that will meet your job requirements on your recruiting parameters such as : skills, industry, nationality, current location, age, target companies, level of experience etc.

We are team of multidisciplinary recruiting experts. Highly experienced in different Sourcing Techniques such as

  • X-Raying.
  • Peel back search.
  • Search Engine.
  • Free Sites.
  • Boolean Operators.
  • Job Portals.
  • Blog Directories.
  • Networking Site.

We believe in continuously improving our services by implementing new strategies and best practices from the recruitment industry. Our trained and experienced team of recruiters continuously discovers new and different ways to locate and connect with the most qualified job seekers.

Flexibility to hire is one of the main advantages of our RPO. Whether you have a short term requirement or you would like to work with us on a Monthly basis you can use the expertise and benefits of our RPO.

Sourcing Tools we use

Premium Linked Recruiter,Linkedin Sales Navigator,Dice,Techfetch,Indeed,Monster

Email extracting tools

Using Hunter.io, Clearbit, Nymeria, ContactOut, Lusha, Gem.com, Crunchbase, Github, Skrapp, Kendo, SalesQL, and public directories.

Full life cycle recruitment

Value Staffing offers a RPO recruiting solution that helps hiring managers save time and effort by spending less time screening and interviewing and more time engaging with the most desirable candidates. Our selection process includes an in-depth & multi-step review. Thorough our interview & assessment we ensure, we are identifying the right person for the job.Our team will source and screen applicants, narrowing the pool to only the most qualified talent.

Outsourcing your recruitment offers benefits such as flexibility where you can use our services on assignment basis,or if your need our seasonal or temporary recruiting assistance.Additionally it is a very cost effective and is being offered at a very generous price.

We provide you with Fully screened and vetted candidates. Only the most qualified ,vetted and suitable candidates are sent to the client for further evaluation.

Daily reporting & work tracking of relevant recruiting metrics.We keep a solid track all of the most relevant recruiting metrics including number of candidates reached out to, the source of each candidate, feedback on each candidate whether or not interested. Tracking these metrics will help you measure efficiency of our recruitment process.

We do this in Google sheet or MS. Excel containing candidate’s following info; First Names, Last Name, Current Job Title, Current Company, Current Location, LinkedIn URL/CV/Resume/any other digital portfolio available, Emails (personal or business) and Phone number(s).

Advertising, promoting jobs & Social Media recruitments

We have come to a point where we cannot rely on orthodox sourcing methods, idea is to optimum use of the social media tools. We have been actively using Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to advertise jobs, find talent, and communicate with potential recruits.

We’ve reached the point now where social recruiting isn’t just a novelty – it’s a must-have for any successful recruiting strategy. We actively network on social media and use it to post jobs and collect active leads.

Social Media Advantage.

We actively network on social media and use it to post jobs and collect active leads.Not only this will help you in passively recruiting candidates, this is one great way of marketing and sales of your services.

Building brand awareness on social media can be effective and efficient if done right. Brand awareness takes brand recognition a step further. Social media gives you the privilege to broadcast your open roles through various medium, this can be in the form of images, video.

Easy access to social media on mobile devices makes this job easier.

Part time sourcing/recruiting services

Outsourcing your recruitment/sourcing offers benefits such as flexibility where you can use our services on part time basis, or if your need our seasonal or temporary recruiting assistance.Our focus is on providing customized recruiting solutions for our clients. Whether you have temporary sourcing & recruitment needs ,Regardless of how small or demanding your requirements may be we are eager to help find the right talent and resources . We welcome each client’s input and modify our search according to their preferences regarding speed, interviews and hiring preference.

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