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Candidate back out – back up strategies || Who’s fault is this ???

Considering the tight deadlines and dynamic nature of the recruitment business, here majorly three parties are affected when a candidate back out happens. Back outs can be nightmares for some, and some take sportingly.

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Social Media Sourcing & Recruitments

Gone are the days when recruiters had limited resources for sourcing potential candidates. In this age of free-flowing information era where. Knowledge & Information is available free of cost. Let’s Expedite and use the resources wisely, best part is these are readily available and, easy to use, unlike job boards everybody is familiar with the

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What is a RPO? and Vendor selection process.

Outsourcing is where a company hires a third-party company/firm/vendor to perform tasks (pertaining to recruitments this can be sourcing, or end to end recruitments) or to handle operations or provide services for the company or in more simpler words Outsourcing is the task of assigning your particular work activities to some third party for a particular time period at specific costs.

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