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Considering the tight deadlines and dynamic nature of the recruitment business, here majorly three parties are affected when a candidate back out happens. Back outs can be nightmares for some, and some take sportingly.


2.Staffing firm


Every backout comes with a lesson and learning for :


2.Staffing firm


In the world of uncertainties, it is always a wise decision not to focus on what didn’t happen rather focus on what needs to be done and how it can be achieved.

Point is, it is absolutely ok if the candidate backs out, fact is there is no fool proof method of knowing this in advance. End of the day it comes down to introspection, analysis as to what needs to be done, areas of improvement. Remember it is never too late for a good beginning and there is no time for regrets.

Recruiter should ask themselves– did we do enough to avoid this, introspect and find out the areas that needs improvement. Continue doing what you do the best, important is you have given your best.

Reason can be many,

  • Where the cosmos is moving double the speed of light- the client is taking too long for screen and evaluate the resumes- Hectic and lengthy resume evaluation process can be one of the reasons.
  • Failure to Keeping things clear and transparent.
  • Too much negotiation – Question is why do we negotiate? I would not want candidates to degrade in term of money, if I want to hire the best , I will offer the best.
  • Improper communication with the candidate.
  • Failure to understand the candidate’s requirement.

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